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What are the Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

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What are the Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling benefits the consumer, the environment and the economy. It has become a key industry and is valued at approximately £5.6billion in the UK alone, with around 4 million tonnes of metal recycled across the world every year.

This article is going to explore the benefit of scrap metal recycling in greater detail.

Benefits of scrap metal recycling cars

Environmental benefits:

  • Saves energy and cuts emissions

The energy that is used during the recycling process is far less than the energy used during the mining and manufacturing process of virgin ore. Co2 emissions are reduced by 200 million tonnes every year as a result of metal recycling in the UK.

By recycling metal, manufacturers are still able to obtain the materials they need for their products, but at a far lower cost to the environment. 

The amount of energy saved by using recycled materials compared to raw materials is:

  • 92% for aluminium
  • 90% for copper
  • 56% for steel
  • Conserves resources

Using recycled materials conserves the earth’s finite resources by reducing the demand to mine new ore.

  • Protects habitats

Scrap metal recycling prevents the disruption or destruction of animal habitats by reducing the demand for mining.

Economic benefits:

  • Contribution to the economy

The scrap metal industry in the UK is worth around £5.6billion, contributing significantly to the UK economy. Statistics show that the scrap metal industry contributes more to the UK economy than the motor and aerospace industry combined.

  • Job creation

The scrap metal industry brings thousands of jobs to the UK and millions across the world. This boosts the economy and reduces the unemployment rate.

  • Supports international trade

Recycled metals are a significant export for the UK. By providing other countries with recycled metal, the UK helps to protect the environment internationally, as well as strengthen ties with allies and trading partners.

Consumer benefits

  • Money for old items

The scrap metal industry has been revolutionary for everyday people around the world. Instead of simply disposing of an item, everyone is now free to collect extra money while simultaneously helping the environment. If you do wish to sell your metal, ensure you use a reputable merchant that pays the best prices.

Remet Processing are the UK’s No.1 specialist scrap metal recycling company. We offer a range of services, including scrap metal recycling for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, We also offer WEEE recycling, cable recycling and automotive component recycling. We’re passionate about the environment and we have recently opened a new £3 million WEEE plant to recycle as much as we can. Plus, we offer the very best prices with fast payment processing, giving you a quick, easy payment for your scrap metal.

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